Asian dramas-brain numbing opium gossip topic for the people
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Deng Qi Feng
2017-06-28 03:28:11 UTC
Ever notice Asian news has no opinion pieces (granted Fox News and other cable news are propaganda just the same) and all folks talk about is dramas watching them each night rather than discuss politics? Chinese are financially illiterate they got ghost cities and homeless folks and an inflated housing bubble what gives?

Stop watching Asian dramas and start playing some chess and read up on history Hong Kong and other Citi folks.

Religion or brainwashing brain numbing tv is opium for the people
2017-07-11 05:16:33 UTC
Yeah the dramas are getting out of control. Korean that is. I have complete respect for all the dramas out of HK because they are started off with a limitation. That a season tends to be about 21 episodes according to the american standard.

Its not all the same crap.

Compare the situation to Turkish dramas. I think there is really an issue here of people not having an identity and culture of their own. Chinese quite simply should KNOW BETTER.

With Turkish dramas "they say" they like them because the actors "look like them". The people could live in pakistan or india or whatever. I dont watch things to identify myself with characters.

With korean dramas its more about how people wish they were. I asked a hmong girl in a chat online about what it is with their people and korean dramas.

I get a platitude about how "Their dramas suck" and "Korean dramas are about rich and poor". Oh, now I get it. You can identify with the rich or poor, or whatever.

I should stop there...