Top Leader Of The BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement .. . Is Arrested . . . Charged With Being . . . A GAY PEDOPHILE!!! (Details)
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Milking Harvey
2017-04-06 23:37:01 UTC

February 9, 2017: A leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement
was arrested last month and is facing sex abuse charges. Police
claim that Micah Rhodes, 23, was allegedly having a sexual
relationship with someone who was underage.

Micah faces four counts of Sex Abuse II (statutory rape), which
is a class C felony. Police accuse the leader of Portland,
Oregon’s chapter of Black Lives Matter with having sex with a 17-
year-old boy back in 2015 after they met on GRINDR, a gay dating
and hook-up app.

Police arrested Micah last week at a protest in downtown
Portland. Investigators charged him with sex crimes on Saturday
after two interviews about the alleged relationship.


Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
N!gga will have a blast dropping the soap in Jail.
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BrotherMan21 Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
Why do people find humor in prison ***@pe? We mock gay culture but
are somehow turned on by the thought of a male dropping the
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Uncle Ruckus BrotherMan21 • a month ago
sensitive ass n!gga.....
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BKFREEDOM007 Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
And, you're a closeted cunt!
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Uncle Ruckus BKFREEDOM007 • a month ago
*closet Stupid N!gger
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BKFREEDOM007 Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
No....NOT CLOSETED. I'm actually OUT AND PROUD. It's you who's
running around trying to get your sphincter muscle tapped on the
DL, because you're afraid your grandpa won't let you go on a
fishing trip with him if people knew.
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CaptainSimpSaver BKFREEDOM007 • a month ago
you're an embarrassment to mankind. that's why the majority of
you have to come out of the closet because its naturally
disgusting. what happens is you stop giving a fuck. that's not
the same thing as being proud because nobody hides pride and it
seems like the majority of you are ashamed to be yourselves. if
it was natural then there wouldn't be such a thing as living on
the dl. food for thought. you're dismissed
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BKFREEDOM007 CaptainSimpSaver • a month ago
Oh darling...Sugarpie...You're right: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! Now,
politely kiss my ass. Smooches!
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Jeebus Crise CaptainSimpSaver • a month ago
What? Not natural? Natural means simply, as it occurs in nature.
Plenty of gays and lesbians live naturally. No different than us
straight guys that like to stuff it in our woman's butt or that
enjoy oral sex. Go on, tell me how a woman can conceive via
oral. She can't. Nor can you produce a child by getting dome.
Oral is considered sodomy and unnatural. It took a long time for
us black guys to come out open and proud we eat pussy and ass.
You still can hardly find a black woman that is proud to admit
she loves to suck a bone. White people have been proudly, and
openly admitting to loving all sorts of straight sex we blacks
still do, but deny. How is that any different than black gays
that still find it difficult to admit to their own sexual
I proudly eat pussy, and tongue my woman's fart box. I toss her
salad like it is going out of style and the last salad on earth.
And no, it isn't because of that old negro myth, that if you eat
pussy, you can't fuck. If you don't eat pussy, you are only a
novice at fucking and most likely have a woman looking for me to
teach her more about her body, and a multiple orgasms.
I have a brother that has been with over 2000 women, and as many
men, and is okay with himself and his selections. Has 6 kids, 5
ex wives that knew he was bi, that love him, but could not stay
the curse. I have a sister with two kids, two ex husbands, and a
current wife, and they are happy as well. I have been married 30
years to the same woman, and my side chick of 10 years rounds
out my family. Natural? Natural is what happens when you stop
worrying what other beings are doing and get busy being yourself.
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diamondx_8 Jeebus Crise • a month ago
Well said on the first part. I can't cosign on the side chick.
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Koolkeiffe Jeebus Crise • a month ago
so true bruh.. Do You
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d-dogg85 Jeebus Crise • a month ago
I mostly agreed with you until the part where u talk about your
"side chick of 10yrs". How is that fair for your wife of 30yrs?
It's ppl like you that give good guys like me a bad name. I'm
monogamous with the same woman I've been with for almost 20yrs.
No way would I want or desire a "side chick", it would only lead
to heartache for all involved.
I'm also sure you would really not like it if you found out that
your wife of 30yrs had a side dude for 1/3 of the time she been
married to you, would u? Hopefully your wife finds out about you
and your side ho before she gets hurt even more or catches a STD
from your cheating self.
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Jeebus Crise d-dogg85 • a month ago
Wife caught the std and I had to be tested and did not. Wife
cheated first. I did not get mad other than the fact she almost
exposed me to some bs. Fast forward. Wife knows. Was not shady
like her. I divorced her, but then decided to reconcile, but did
not leave the woman I was seeing in the interim. (3 months) Told
the wife if I set aside the judgment, was not setting aside the
side chick. Asked the side if she was cool in her position with
me and on board. Both were cool, train left the station with no
one in the dark. Now if the wife decides to step out again, she
has my blessing. Sure she sees us going forward someday together
just two again, as do I. But until the side transfers out to
California, Al Jareau said...Weeeeeee're in this love together"
(Use his voice, I can't even virtually sing).
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diamondx_8 Jeebus Crise • a month ago
Ok, now this puts it all in perspective.
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diamondx_8 CaptainSimpSaver • a month ago
You are incorrect. I would think they live in the closet out of
fear of the Christians who would persecute them even as those
same churches accept tithes from the very same people they
persecute. Those same Christians then populate comment sections
on the internet with judgmental comments in clear violation of
the religion they use to denigrate others.
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Jeebus Crise BKFREEDOM007 • a month ago
May I add a point? Most likely he is not mad his gramps won't
let him go fishing. Most likely it was the over attentiveness of
that gramps while "fishing for trouser trout with grampy" that
lead him to this angst and animus towards gay men. Most of us
straight dudes appreciate gay men. More gay men, more pussy
struggling to find one of us to spoil. Who loses? Well women do,
but that is why there are lesbians thinning those numbers out as
well. Win/win. Good for you being out and proud and not hiding
out in a straight jacket. Thank you for your service making so
much pussy available to the rest of us guys. Would tap you on
the butt like in football, but you would probably like it. ( I
had to put in a joke :o)
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BKFREEDOM007 Jeebus Crise • a month ago
You had me at "trouser trout." LOL
What a divinely humorous way to capture at least one reason why
we all should "just get along." Should I come upon any
"struggling" pussy, I'll be sure to point it your way. Cheers!
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Yur_fav_fashionkilla???? BKFREEDOM007 • a month ago
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TriCuriousGeorge Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
Another one! Wow you protesting a lot. You must be waaaaaay in
the back of that closet
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puffypuss BrotherMan21 • a month ago
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I'llBackHandSlapYoAss BrotherMan21 • a month ago
-typed this from cell block c after visiting the jail nurse
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Ph.D BrotherMan21 • a month ago
Good point! I never thought about that.
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Lan-Guet Manman-Ou!!! Uncle Ruckus • a month ago
BLM...DooK!eHole Chapter!!!??
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2017-07-11 06:02:52 UTC
I dont know what it is about mercury retrograde periods.

I realized something about identification. There is Identification, like how you label file folders, not by whats in them, but by what you choose to compartmentalize by.

Pisces identify, we are also compartmentalizers. But this is an unconscious process of the psyche. It is the core of how the mind, the mental body and the rules governing, theoretically the mental realm (layer) that corresponds to the mental body of an individual.

Then there is Id-entification. The movie _ Angel heart _ for example and the book it was based on. There was an Id-entity issue. Id-entity by definition is an alter-ego or just Alter (because it it thought that the ego persists for its alter).

The "ego structure" is a Leo thing. But Lions are the king's of the feline kingdom with a social structure similar to humans. Tigers on the other hand are ASOCIAL (not antisocial).

As to felonous and antisocial, we'd have to look (without judgement) at the black tiger. The white tiger represents entities living in their own world of classification eg. trumps the black and white thinking that plagues the sign and house.

Obviously, the "class structure" comes from the ego structure, which is a leonine or feline quality. More on this later. Something interesting comes about from this ego-structure stuff: schoolophobia

Apparently schoolophoibia is all abotu the ego structure. I figured it out, it went along with some of my symbolic logic expositions. In short, everything WRONG about social interaction would tend to center around the ego structure as an intervening structure (dyad) between the parties.

If the social structure comes from lions, why have any other "system of classification"? The feline quality would naturally reject any CLASS STRUCTURE or CLASS SYSTEM in conflict with its own.

It being a purely mental process because it would simply interfere with how memories are stored and recalled in the brain/mind. The middle class never existed, marx made it up.

This dialectic basically means changing the meaning of words as you see fit.

There is a direct conflict with thinks like dewey decimal and the ordinary system of classification used in science. If Lion is the King and Tiger is the Prince (three lines on its forehead without a vertical bar) the Lion represents a social structure SIMILAR to humans.

Talk about asking a fish about water. Do these people that talk about the "social structure" of something that is profoundly aloof and disinterested in anything not of its own nexus of individuality.

Humans would be similar to lions if they were APEX PREDATORS. Wolves are LIKE HUMANS in that they are the least like common or wild dogs. Because they are APEX PREDATORS.

Dog or rather wolf is used in relation therefore to Leonine qualities, noble qualities that makes creatures of another type APEX PREDATORS. Recall that Hyenas are not dogs and that Sabertooth tigers are not actually tigers, but cats, related to Hyenas.

They are all APEX PREDATORS. This creates a "archetypal" association with Sirus the "dog star". The sphinx was actually at one time a lion but years of erosion and a plot by a rival pharaoh had it carved into what we see now.

We know it is a lion and why he faces the star Sirus. Did you know that if you stand in front of the Sphinx at Midnight on a new moon you will cast a shadow?

0| Sirus is some Sirus fucking shit. It comes basically down to this you go to CLASS you have CLASSES, there are grades and so on. Perhaps this is why most of the stuff they teach is never used or retained.

There is no class structure there is ego structure. There are no class distinctions in education. In symbolic logic (SYMLOG) classes can be further divided (for automatic deduction). Dichotomous or other systems of notation (Set) can be effective negated by simply defining zero as a numerical value.

QM is full of time-reversals. A Pisces like myself are natural born Quantum MechanISTS. And as such I simply reverse engineer a lot of things.

Oops, this was about black lives matter. So anyways I realize the snowflakes hey are Id-entifying with black people the way I wanted sea monkeys because I fixated on the little baby.

I had names picked out. I was going to have a little brother. Turns out they were just brine shrimp.

Got to thinking about music trends and such. I think there is something to this identification. Its not the identification that goes on in your mind in a process of classification.

Its a distortion of the psyche. But, one good thing about those signs is they tend to condition people that come from other places that this is what blue states like oregon and washington state are about.
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