Blacks are nothing but Niggers
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2018-07-22 04:39:48 UTC
Affter living in America for nearly 37 years there is no doubt in my mind that Blacks are the enemies of Desis. The level of crime committed by Blacks against Desis is second to none. Much of this is due to the race war that Blacks have enacted in order to justify their status as niggers.

Blacks simply put are niggers. They are ugly, stupid, obnoxious, and down right criminal. Blacks are evil incarnate.

During the good old days blacks were enslaved. Later, they were segregated. Nowadays they are being institutionalized. Society needs to go a step further and holocaust and genocide the Blacks. There is no other way for they are a blight on the very decency of humanity.

Blacks are a bane to society. They are public enemy number one. They make up 90 percent of county jails, homeless shelters, and mental institutions. They are total loosers. It makes no sense to make excuses for Blacks in the name of civil rights when they are social failures.

No one is to blame but Blacks themselves. Whiteman simply civilized the Blacks but it was the Blacks themselves who bastardized themselves from everybody else through their heinous crimes. There is no good to be found amongst Blacks for they are the children of Satan.

The Satanic nature of Blacks is evident not only in how they look but also in their niggardly behavior. Excuses should not be made for niggers, they should be simply killed. Killing the Blacks and exterminating them will pave the way for a Golden Age among humanity.

I really hope President Trump does something to kill off the Blacks and ruin their lives for they deserve it. I say this not as a White person but as a Desi who has been violently assaulted by Blacks all my life. At some point I got fed up with it and I retaliated by punching them and castrating one nigger. My soul will not be appeased until all Blacks are herded into gas chambers and killed off. God bless us all toward such an endeavor.
2018-10-18 17:52:03 UTC
Said the white guy posing as an Asian......