Singapore #pizzagate
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2016-12-01 14:29:09 UTC
Years ago on ICQ I think it was. Someone sent me a link from yahoo directory and broke into chat.

Said that this page has child porn on it and everyone was complaining to yahoo and even the singapore government. Lots of links were blocked in singapore so it was rather odd.

Its a bath house, and I was told its blocks away from parliament house. No big surprise. Knew a guy that said he was in a hot tub at the tumwater valley health club a guy gets in and introduces himself as a senator.

They small talk and he then moves to sit right next to him. After a few minutes he makes a pass on him. Puts his hand on his leg under water. There is a small airport near there.

A lot of the politicians dont even live in the county. The guy at the airport told us a lot of them commute by plane from bellingham and have large houses right on the border of canada.

Always struck me as odd why you need a house right on the border of canada when the capital city is about 4-5 hours drive away. More of the same, you complain and nothing happens.

When I clicked around on the page I finally saw it. Had what looked to be a 12 year old boy, naked, but with his privates covered by closed legs.

Heard about the gay club in Philly that was a big pull for politicians. Supposedly ran by the italian mafia. Which always had a strange association with these kind of establishments. The cover story being that it could be used for extortion.

Read a story by an undercover cop. Said he had to work gay clubs. Never order a drink that isn't in a bottle or can unopened. They had this act where an black ex nfl football player would come on stage.

After his show, he would grease up one arm all the way to the elbow with vaseline and pick one of the guys out of the audience and ram his arm up their ass, lift them off the ground, then walk around the club banging their heads on the ceiling.

One guy almost died from a prolapsed colon. He was back the next week. I figure that this is the norm but a real big problem down the road (now?) when you start cleaning house.

I think the pizza gate thing is a kind of code. You hear a lot of strange stories from delivery drives. If we ever got enough of them together, and started comparing notes. Careers would end.

Deng Qi Feng
2016-12-03 11:17:18 UTC
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