Radio DJ Theo Mizuhara
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2016-04-23 12:24:05 UTC
anything else new on this LA radio legend?
Theo came down to Los Angeles to DJ for 92.3 KKBT (the Beat), two years ago,
if I'm not mistaken...I was pleasantly surprised to see him on here, and I
think he's become on of the more popular DJs on that station...
Hey Efren...actually, Theo went down to KKBT in October 1993 so he's been
there for about a year and half now. But he's only been doing afternoon
drive for about a year now or so. He originally started at KKBT doing
Word has it that Theo is very near to becoming the #1 DJ in his time slot
in the Los Angeles area. That's his goal.
2016-06-12 05:01:14 UTC
21 years of cyber dust blown off of this one, the "holy grail" of all revived threads on all of the interwebs!! Stumbled accross this while remembering and looking for info on Theo. Theo was my favorite DJ on 92.3FM TheBeat Los Angeles bitd (93~96?). I'm a male and enjoyed his nightly show the most with all the "on-air" calls he would get from female listeners, pure radio entertainment. I always got a good laugh during his shows with his "game", advice, and settle clowning. I always got the sense dude was geniunely kind with no ego and I liked that. Good days in Los Angeles radio for sure.
2018-12-30 13:52:21 UTC
If you thought he had no ego, you were sadly mistaken.
2020-03-16 03:01:41 UTC
So true