Lies to tell any FOB...
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Deng Qi Feng
2017-06-29 00:38:41 UTC
Truth Arabs modified PS2s for use as computers to control weapons

Lie: I am an Asian American terrorist I have a PS2, PS3 and PS4 all modded to control nukes I will make the ending of Terminator 3 a reality!!!!

Truth: Saudi Arabia may say yes to petroyuan

Lie: Don't worry USD will still be worth more than RMB even though there won't be much demand for US Treasuries

Truth: Saudi Arabia won't say yes to petroyuan unless USD collapsed

Lie: don't worry usd will never collapse USA is 舊金山

Truth: there is a surplus of pharmacy students but few jobs

Lie: pharmacy is the best major it's worth taking out a $$$,$$$ student loan!!!!!!!

Truth: proposed Mexican Great Wall would both keep people in and keep people out

Lie: don't worry once petrodollar dies it is going to be easy to get out of USA in the distant future.

USA by 2049er will be the new hermit kingdom. With massive debt, high crime rate, chaos all over, worthless currency.....lie? I don't take things for granted USD is not made of indestructible material even superman has a weakness
2017-07-11 05:07:35 UTC
Wow are things really that bad?

I heard some pharmacist techs make like $30 an hour.

I guess you tend to notice the ones that are actually employed.

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