From the lands of freedom, human rights and democracy
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2019-06-26 20:03:06 UTC
It is time the world knows about the kind of humans that countries which
preach about unbridled freedom, wanton human rights and deceptive
democracy produce.
"Two-thirds of children forced into online sex abuse videos in the
Philippines are exploited by their own parent or family member, it is
claimed. Much of the trade is driven by people in the West paying adults
to make the films - many of whom say they need the money to survive.
Victims include infants as young as six months old, says the organisation
International Justice Mission."
Unlike the "prudish" West, child prostitution in Asia is regarded as a
legitimate source of income...
2019-06-28 18:49:47 UTC
Well, the US fought Spain because the latter had set up concentration camp
in Cuba. US won the war. But then it turned around and set up
concentration in Philippine. Freedom? Human rights?
That was over a century ago. Get over it.

Besides, would you rather have been lorded over by Imperial Japan?