Being Asian Is No Good
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2017-04-24 17:15:31 UTC
I find the Asian identity is a farce. In America Chinese and Indians are under the same category of being Asian, which makes no sense. Indeed both are from Asia but the Chinese do not see it that way.

The Orientals are hell bent on owning the Asian identiy for themselves and leaving the Indians left behind. This is the sad fact of any relationship one can have with Chinese. Chinese are just to racist and chauvanistic to share the same bed with.

I for one feel the Asian identity should be ditched so that South Asians are referred to as Desis and the East Asians be referred to as Orientals. It only makes sense. Why confuse the issue by bringing two groups of people who are antagonistic to one another?

Let's face it. Indians and Chinese just cannot be friends. The racism and chauvanism of the Chinese is a serious issue to contend with. Time and time again Indian and Chinese ventures toward alliance have failed. Remember what happened with the Indo-Chini bhai bhai slogan. It went to a total failure when the Chinese attacked the Indian members of the parade.

Chinese are just too assaultive and competitive to share company with. I for one am a South Indian and am happy being a Desi. The Asian identiy is something I totally deny and refute as it is an illfated branding with tends toward all sorts of delusions which are not real.
Deng Qi Feng
2017-04-25 03:23:11 UTC
I wish venting online was the same as venting in a pub.....this guy has legitimate concerns Falling on porn addicted wankers too apathetic to give an hoot.
2017-05-03 16:44:15 UTC
Post by Deng Qi Feng
I wish venting online was the same as venting in a pub.....this guy has legitimate concerns Falling on porn addicted wankers too apathetic to give an hoot.
This is just case and point of how Desis and Orientals should not be in the same category as Asian. From insult to injury Orientals are just too antagonism to be in the same company with. Once again I must say being Asian is a farce.

The Asian identity goes from the overly banal, where Orientals are the only true Asians, to the extremely broad, where everyone from Asia including the Jews of Israel are Asian. It just makes no sense.

The whole Asian identity is a hook, line, and sinker to a world of hurt. The racism of the Orientals to the chauvanism of the Jews are just a few of the problems with being Asian. Then there is the terrorism of the Arabs alongside the alienation of the Russians.

For a Desi like me who is from South India it is bad enough dealing with the bigotry of the Hindus through the caste system but to make it worse by incorporating other Asian groups into the racist fold is just too unbearable.

Honestly, I found much solace in Islam which kicked the ass out of every Asian group to mention. I also found some comfort in making Hispanic friends. It took me nearly 40 years to discover such avenues of liberation.

Once again I just cannot help but state being Asian is a farce. There is no benefit gained by aligning with Orientals or Jews or for that matter any Asian group out there. Think different.
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